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DiRT is a rally driving game for Windows from Codemasters
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DiRT is a rally driving game for Windows from Codemasters. The name says it all, expect to get dirty from racing in the dirtiest tracks of the world. Like its predecessors, DiRT takes the user into the cockpit of the best rally cars in the world. And they can race in real world tracks. There are plenty of modes for the user to race in. There is the classic time trial, there is a one-on-one mode, and a mode with up to 8 players. One might think that playing by himself trying to set a record lap time wouldn't be fun, but this game somehow achieves that. Once you finish a race, your time is uploaded to a server and you can check how you did against the best of the world. Graphics are terrific. Everything, from the tracks to the public is in great detail. The cars are stunning and recreated from their real counterparts. The damage is so real that after crashing a time or two, one starts to feel bad about wrecking the car so badly. The controls are easy to use and accurate and the sound is so great that one feels like he is actually driving a rally car. The demo offers three cars and three racing styles (3 tracks) and the user can play those indefinitely.

José Fernández
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  • Great cars
  • Great playability
  • Superb graphics and sound


  • It's only the demo
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